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28 November 2010 @ 03:14 am
Untrust Us/Unnatural Selection -- Part 2  
Nathan, Naomi and Effy head in the same direction to go home, he blabbers on about what power he could possibly have but Naomi just eyes Effy suspiciously.

“What’s your ability then?” Naomi asks Effy once Nathan finishes describing his ideal power, the ever-lasting hard on. Effy looks down at her scruffy boots and shrugs with one shoulder.

Naomi narrows and rolls her eyes. “Stop trying to be so fucking mysterious.”

“I don’t try.” Effy replies with an almost bitter tone but it doesn’t faze the blonde in the slightest.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Emily follows Katie up the stairs, being very cautious of her own hands.

Katie finally stops ignoring her and turns sharply, pointing firmly into her sister’s shoulder. “I didn’t want to be some freak.”

“But you’re not; I burnt a fucking house down.” Emily’s voice lowers just in case their parents are still awake. She’s no longer angry, just hurt – she knows that Katie would’ve told her something like this in the past but they’re so distant now and it’s dawning on her, that and how much pain her shoulder is in.

“Ow, shit.” She swats Katie’s hand away and pushes her top to the side to see a blue patch of skin, almost frozen over.

Katie looks as if she’s going to apologize but cogs turn in her head and she pulls up her sleeve, revealing the pink handprint still angrily etched across her wrist. She waves it in Emily’s face and narrows her eyes menacingly.

Emily shakes her head in defeat and turns back around, leaving the house huffing off into the night.


Nathan, Naomi and Effy are sitting in Naomi’s living room – passing around a bottle of tequila, having invited Effy in when she didn’t look too pleased with going home any time soon.

Kicking a pair of jeans off to the side, Naomi throws a remote clumsily in his direction. “I swear to god, I’m sick of finding your shit everywhere.”

“But your stuff is all over the place! Tampons here, bras there, Jesus!” Nathan starts pointing around the room and abruptly steals a joint out of Effy’s mouth.

“But it’s her house.” Effy says it a split second before Naomi was about to, her head turning sharply towards her in surprise – she’s about to say something about it but then there’s a knock on the door.


Naomi waves her hand into the house and takes another swig from the bottle, standing unsteadily.

“Come on in, join the party.” She stumbles away without noticing Emily’s sad eyes but swiftly returns with a shocked expression.

“They’re snogging.”

Emily knits her eyebrows in confusion. “Who?”

“Effy and Nathan,” Naomi laughs then but stops when she focuses her eyes on Emily properly. “What’s wrong?”

Emily shakes her head and half heartedly smiles. “Katie’s just being an ice queen,” It makes Naomi burst into laughter and almost drop her bottle.

“I see what you did there,” She passes the tequila on to Emily who takes a generous swig with a wince.


The two of them avoid the living room just in case they witness something neither wants to see and eventually progress from the kitchen to Naomi’s room, sprawled out across the floor side by side, the room spinning furiously for the both of them.

“God, I hate tequila.” Emily states, gesturing to the empty bottle in between them.

“A bit late now though isn’t it?” Naomi’s words are so slurred it makes the two of them laugh, shaking their heads. Soon, they fall into silence and a shiver passes through Naomi, the nights are getting impossibly cold now. She wonders if Emily gets cold anymore, decides that she probably doesn’t since she can feel the heat emanating off of her.

“Wait, how come you’re here?” Naomi asks and her voice is far too loud in the silence, so she repeats the question, whispering with a grin on her face.

Emily smiles at Naomi’s efforts of curbing her drunken state. “I dunno, you were there when I set fire to that door—frr—thing.”

“Frame. I believe that was the word you were looking for,” Naomi grins and gets a half hearted kick in the leg for being right all the time.

Though, Emily’s mind drifts off to the reasons she came here, it took her for surprise at first, so she stares at the ceiling and creates a list, the feel of Naomi’s exotic colourful rug underneath her suddenly gaining her attention. She has a comfy rainbow rug. It’s the first thing on the list, it makes her laugh to herself and Naomi joins in, regardless of whether they’re on the same page or even the same planet by this point.

She was there when I first realized what I can do.
She stayed with me in the room.
She stayed with me in the ambulance after the storm.
She’s smart and funny.
Her eyes are wonderful.

The list becomes something entirely different. By the time she realises, Naomi’s scrambled off to get the duvet and covers the both of them clumsily with it, settling back onto the rug.

Emily’s heart swells in an overwhelming way. She doesn’t understand why she didn’t see Naomi before, didn’t notice how nice she’s been to her in comparison to how she is with everyone else. Curses the fact that the community service has dampened her usual keen observational skills. She sneaks a sideway glance at Naomi who’s staring at the ceiling, off with the fairies.

“You’re sweet, sometimes.” It comes out of Emily’s mouth by accident and she cringes inwardly, she knows Naomi rejects compliments, particularly ones like these.

“Don’t tell anyone, or I’ll have to kill you - pow pow,” Naomi gestures guns with her hands at the end of her threat and they both laugh ridiculously. The lull after the giggling dies down puts them both into a deep sleep.

Emily wakes up when the sun hits her eyelids, this is the reason she doesn’t drink tequila, gripping her head she looks around slowly, she’s alone and it makes her chest tighten slightly.


“So what happened?” Naomi sneaks up on Nathan as he’s sorting some recycling but he twists on his heels and grins whilst wagging his eyebrows in a manner that he must’ve picked up from Cook.

“Why do I even ask, ugh.” She flings a plastic bottle his way and ducks her head when she notices red hair coming through the entrance.

Effy watches on next to the vending machine and glides across to Emily. “Enjoy the tequila?”

“Enjoy Nathan?”

“Not so much, no.” It’s not what Emily was expecting and she just laughs in response, looking at Nathan slyly.

Cook bounds in then, Katie in tow and her face drops when she spots Emily.

The atmosphere becomes something that Naomi has tried to avoid for years, at school, with friends, with people. Effy looks over and she just knows that they share the same exasperated feeling.


When they’re all sitting on the benches for lunch, Nathan puts an arm around Naomi, waving his hand around the group with his mouth full.

“God, chew first you pig.” Katie practically snarls and forks a slice of tomato.

“Yeah yeah, look, why do you all get some weird mutant power and me and blondie have fuck all?”

Cook looks confused for a second and points at Effy across the bench. “Wait, what can you do?” Effy shrugs and smiles, it begins to really piss Katie off.

“She can read you, somehow, it’s fucking annoying,” Naomi adds and Cook finally begins nodding along.

“Have you experienced anything out of the ordinary?” Emily asks, taking a bite out of her sandwich, both Naomi and Nathan think to themselves for a bit and shake their heads.

They eat in silence for the rest of the lunch.


Katie and Cook seem to pair up more and more often, Emily notices with a wince. Regardless of whether she’s even on speaking terms with her sister or not, Emily approaches Naomi and Nathan to ask what’s going on with the two.

“They’re probably going at it like rabbits in the storage rooms,” Nathan answers with a grin and puts his hands on his hips but Naomi shakes her head to put Emily’s worried face at ease.

“Cook is being quite odd, maybe because of his new found intelligence and all that,” Naomi comments but then looks at Nathan and they both start laughing, they’ve been laughing at it since Effy put their powers to light.


They all go to a pub quiz, using Cook as their main weapon but his power doesn’t always work, so the rest of the gang fills out the answer whenever he looks confused. Eventually, Cook gets completely pissed and makes Naomi drink ridiculously with him once they win their free alcohol and coupons from the quiz.

“I’m not staying here any longer, it stinks. Thanks for the vouchers though,” Katie plucks them off the table and struts out of the pub in a beat. Nathan leaves soon after and Effy starts rubbing her gums with something illegal again.

Emily being the only one halfway sober, begins gathering everyone’s stuff in order to get them moving. She manages to get Cook to walk Effy home and ignores the way they’re flirting mercilessly.

She ends up staying at Naomi’s house and she can’t help but smile at how conveniently that worked out. It’s hit her like a truck, the sudden affection she feels towards her.

Emily can’t help but laugh as Naomi cheers in a manner that could only be described as Cook once she unlocks her front door. They’ve all been round the house so many times that it’s a casual meeting place, mainly because Nathan invites everyone over constantly and Naomi surprisingly never complains.

“I feel sick,” Naomi states and clings on to Emily as they walk into the bedroom.

“So why’d you drink so much?” Emily’s been wondering that for a while now, Naomi doesn’t seem the type to get like this so often.

“Cook made me.”

It’s such a pathetic excuse that Emily doesn’t bother discussing it further, she knows Naomi won’t do anything anyone tells her unless she wants to. The analytical thinking ends abruptly when Naomi leans over her to get a bottle of water, Emily breathes in sharply and watches the curve of Naomi’s neck; the proximity makes her entire body flush.

Before she knows it, her hands get extremely hot and she has to tip her head back and breathe deeply to cool down. Eventually, it starts working and she drops her head down to see Naomi watching her, once caught, the blonde looks away and hits her head on the pillow – out for the night.


Effy is silently putting posters up on a pin board and Emily comes over to give her a few more.

“What’s wrong?” Effy asks and turns towards her.

“I didn’t…say anything,” Emily looks thoroughly confused but soon shrugs. “Oh right, your psychic thing.” It doesn’t come to anything until Effy gives her a pointed look a couple seconds later.

“I have to make sure I don’t trip over or get too emotional because god knows what else I burn down, it’s horrible,” Emily shuts her eyes and leans against the pin board, taking a moment to collect herself.

“Could be worse, you could destroy everything you touch.” When she opens her eyes, Effy is gone and she wonders whether she really heard it or whether she imagined it. Nathan soon puts a smile on her face though as he rolls over in a wheelchair and offers her a ride.

They whizz past Cook and Naomi who look like they’re in deep conversation but all they manage to hear is “Effy” and “just try” though it’s swiftly forgotten when they crash into Katie.


The group is taking rubbish from the community centre into a skip outside when they come across a homeless man who tries to get a handful of Katie as they walk by.

“Get your fucking hands off me!” They all rush to her when he grips her wrists. Cook grabs him by the arm, quickly regretting it when he’s flung across the alley and into the wall.

“He’s got a power, be careful,” Effy states the obvious and Nathan tries to kick the guy, but ends up crashed against the wall like Cook.

“Stop, stop!” Emily screams along with Katie as he grips onto her harder and his arm starts to freeze up – he yells and throws her off of himself.

“Get away from us, just go.” Naomi shouts at him and he looks at her for a second before turning around and running away.

“Yeah, that’s right, we were about to fuck you up!” Nathan gets up waving his fists and continues to shout verbal abuse.

Emily runs to Katie but she stops just before they hug because her hands are on fire and she shakes them as hard as she can until it stops.

Effy watches alongside Naomi as the man runs until he’s out of sight.

“You did that,” Effy murmurs, glancing at Naomi, whose eyes are wide and still alarmed.


“Made him do exactly what you said.”


Naomi watches a stranger walk by, but rather than staring him down, she decides to try something.

“Excuse me? Would you, erm—could,” She takes a deep breath in and concentrates.

“Give me your shoes.” It’s random but it’s something she knows this man wouldn’t do normally, as he starts to bend she turns in the other direction and power walks, suddenly overwhelmed.


Emily and Katie patch things up after the scare, it means Emily doesn’t stay over at Naomi’s as much anymore; it makes the blonde feel a little lonelier – particularly when Nathan is out for the night and the house begins making noises.

Cook is over tonight and playing cards with Nathan in the living room.

“Naomikins! You look like you need some lovin’,” She rolls her eyes and smiles, joining in and eventually winning for once. They begin talking about shags, naturally, but Cook lets it slip that he’s seeing Effy and Nathan teases him endlessly about it but Naomi just beams.


Katie approaches Effy in the locker room.

“I heard you’re with Cook?” It makes Effy roll her eyes.


“Ergh, no.” She observes her nails and curls her lips. “Good luck though,”

Effy just gets up and waves a bottle of water in Katie’s face.

“What is this?” Katie asks, leaning back to get it out of her personal space.

“It’s room temperature…and I like my water cold.” Effy smirks, watches Katie roll her eyes and run her finger up the length of the bottle.

Katie gets up, winks at Effy and strides out of the locker room. “You’re welcome, bitch.”


As they sit in a crowded bar that night, it seems as though Emily is the only one that notices Naomi’s absence. The boys are off on the dance floor with Effy, so she’s now sitting alone with her sister who is far too engrossed in the tattoo covered bartender; questions why she’s even here.

Hey, did you say you were coming tonight?

She texts Naomi and says her goodbyes to whoever she passes. As she steps outside she feels her phone vibrate.

Nooo. Party at naomis, guests: 1

Not exactly sure how to take the text, Emily makes her way to Naomi’s thinking they could both use the company.


“Woaaaahh ohh livin’ on a prrrayer!” Emily can hear Naomi’s slurred singing two doors away. She grins and runs up to the door, knocking it as hard as she can to make sure it’s not drowned out by the music.

It’s like déjà vu when Naomi opens the door clumsily and waves her inside. Emily drops her bag on the floor and immediately apologizes when she knocks the empty bottle of vodka over which Naomi hastily picks up and throws into the kitchen with a smash.

“What are you doing?” Emily asks, taken aback by how drunk Naomi is.

“Emily.” Naomi stares at her for what seems like an hour and tilts her head to the side. “Let me try somethin’,”

“Okay, but you’re scaring me,” Emily whispers and cautiously inches closer to the blonde, bracing herself. Her heart starts racing when Naomi steps forward and focuses on her.

“Kiss me, now.” Naomi demands it firmly and watches as Emily’s eyes widen then slowly darken, both of their gazes frozen on one other.

However, Emily doesn’t miss a beat and holds her breath, licking her lips as she swiftly closes the gap, bringing their lips together roughly. She lifts herself up onto her tiptoes and deepens the contact but Naomi loses her footing and breaks the kiss accidentally, when she shakes off the dizzy spell – Emily is holding her up and pulls her to the couch.

They’re sitting side by side in the living room, Naomi swiftly sobering up with a glass of water in her hand.

“Why’d you drink so much on your own?” Emily asks and looks at her firmly.

Naomi looks away and sighs. “It passes the time, it’s numbing.”

It’s understandable, Emily knows that, she knows that it pains Naomi to do community service every day – the regret washes over her blue eyes every morning she puts her overalls on. Though, Emily notices everything about the blonde, she watches her constantly throughout their days now.

“Why do you need numbing?” She plays dumb, in case she seems a little too knowing.

“Because life is shit,” Naomi responds with her typical bitter tone.

“Maybe you’re just too cynical,” The scowl is expected.

Emily decides to approach the non existent elephant in the room; she traces her lips absentmindedly with her fingertips and clears her throat. “What was it that you were trying?”

“Hmm? Oh, my power.” Regardless of how firm Naomi’s answer is, she still flushes and it fires Emily up, quite literally but before she has to start cooling herself off, she pays attention to Naomi’s words.

“Your power? You have one?”

“I think so, yeah.”

“Making people kiss you?” Emily smirks and Naomi fidgets, shaking her head.

“Persuasion, or something along the lines of, I just wanted to know for sure,” She looks away sheepishly and Emily drops it because Naomi is beginning to squirm.


Naomi isn’t there in the morning and avoids Emily like the plague during the day but it comes to an end when Katie freezes an entire hallway by accident and Nathan slips on the ice, smacking his head off the ground. Cook slides in first to help and Katie backs away slowly, looking at the blood pooling under Nathan’s head. She can’t do anything so she rushes off to find Emily.

Eventually, they crowd around Nathan on the floor, Cook is in a panic - stating facts about a skull fracture until Naomi grabs him by the shoulders and forces him to calm down.

Nathan is carried onto a chair, still unconscious and Emily begins warming up the hallway when they realise just how dangerous the icy floor is, though she can’t control her power too well yet so with an eye roll Naomi has to slide across to her and use her power to make Emily melt the ice without setting the place on fire.

Things become far more serious when Katie shrieks because there’s no pulse in Nathan’s neck.

“Wait, just wait, take him to the storage room.” Effy calmly says, Naomi trusts her and kicks Cook into action – the two of them carrying Nathan’s limp body away.

Emily is holding Katie with caution since the two of them are in a panic and she turns to Effy for reassurance.

“It’s fine, calm her down,” Effy says it in passing as she follows to the storage room.


Cook’s eyes bulge out of his head when an hour later, Nathan is sitting eating a Mars bar in the storage room when he checks on him. He yells for the rest of the group and they breathe an air of relief when Effy fills them in on Nathan’s immortality.

“So we all have a power then,” Naomi refreshes the recent developments when they’re all sat in the locker room at the end of the eventful day.

“Like the Fantastic Four, sort of,” Emily adds and Katie winces at her sisters knowledge of all this comic book crap.

“The Sextastic Six!” Nathan cheers and they laugh but it dies down quickly.

“Shouldn’t we be on the news and stuff?” Cook asks and mainly looks to Naomi for an answer which is the dynamic they’ve fallen into.

“No. Nobody can know about whatever it is the storm did to us, people get scared and we’re not the only ones with powers.” Naomi answers and Effy nods in agreement but Cook and Katie still look a little lost.

“Basically, people always treat others like shit because they’re different.” Emily adds and glances at Katie until she gets her point across in a painful way. Naomi doesn’t miss it and figures Katie wouldn’t have been the type to openly accept Emily’s sexuality but still thinks the comment is a little out of line from the redhead.

“So, no more pub quiz?” Cook looks a little sad at the prospect; he’s quite liked being the clever one and winning. But Nathan shakes his head and wraps his arm around him. “No way Cookie Dough, I’m saving my vouchers up for a sound system.”

“Just be a little more discreet, all of you.” Naomi states firmly and they hum understandably. She catches Emily’s eye though and it makes her flush so she quickly disbands the meeting and leaves swiftly.


She should’ve expected it really, Emily standing by her front door again, but she doesn’t wave her in like she usually does.

“Hey,” She doesn’t mean for it to come out so flat because it makes Emily’s face fall a little.

“What’s up?” Emily asks in a surprisingly cheery voice and pushes the door open, forcing Naomi to step back a little and let her in.

“Uh, nothing, just sorting out uni applications,” Naomi mumbles it and walks back up to her room, waiting for the pitter patter of Emily’s feet behind her; it reminds her of a puppy and she smiles to herself.

“Yeah, I am too. I didn’t think my gap year would consist of picking shit up off the floor though.” It makes the both of them stand still and sigh sadly.

“I know,” Naomi finally comments, sitting on the floor in front of all her applications.

Emily decides to test the water and sits quite close to her, watching in amusement as Naomi slyly moves away. Testing my powers my arse. She’s noticed that sometimes when she scans the room for blonde hair, the pair of blue eyes are already on her and it makes her wonder. She knows Naomi has picked up on Emily’s interest, most likely sparking off the curiosity and covering it up with a “test” of her abilities.

She notices a prospectus at the end of the room. “St. Andrews? Could you send yourself any further away?”

Naomi looks up at the prospectus for a second and rolls her eyes. “I wish, I’ve got fucking community service on my profile now. Oh and I could go further, New Zealand perhaps.” It makes Emily laugh, quite inappropriately since Naomi looks quite sad.

“Sorry, but, really? You belong in the UK; you’ve got the whole pessimistic broody thing going on.” Emily explains and makes Naomi smile despite herself.

“I can be broody in the sun too,” Naomi comments, laughing along with Emily and any tension left between the two dissipates.

Emily goes home after a while; they’d discussed different universities, career paths and other intellectually stimulating topics. It makes a change since she’s only got her family to talk to now that all her friends have gone off to university. She realises that Naomi is probably her closest friend at this point but it sits uncomfortably in her mind, Naomi as a friend.


Effy disappears for a while with Cook.

Naomi has to persuade the probation worker that they’re both recovering in the hospital so he excuses them on the register.

“That’s not fucking fair yeah?” Katie throws her mop down in defiance and begins ripping into Naomi for covering them.

“Why don’t you excuse all of us?”

Naomi keeps her distance just in case Katie gets a little too angry and gives her frostbite.

“Because, the probation worker will lose his job.” Naomi replies and almost hides behind Emily when Katie begins stepping closer.

“So, why the fuck do you care?” Katie dodges Emily and starts hounding Naomi but her sister gives her a little push and whispers for her to calm down.

“Yeah Katie, calm down,” Naomi leans to the side and repeats Emily’s words sarcastically. Nathan has to intervene and pick Katie up slightly, putting her back down a few feet away.


Winter really begins to roll in as the sky fills with snow and their orange overalls don’t keep their heat much so the four do little chores indoors.

Emily uses the cold as an excuse to frequently hover around Naomi, keeping her warm. Sometimes Naomi is a bitch, sometimes the complete opposite – it varies more than Katie’s footwear.


Nathan decides to take the day off and stay in bed regardless of how many times Naomi kicks him, she gives up in the end and reluctantly walks to the community centre, hat and gloves in tow.

She doesn’t know what to do when she realises Katie didn’t bother coming in either, though, she swallows the panic and strolls into the locker room.

“Where’s Nathan?” Emily turns and she’s only got the overalls on halfway, leaving Naomi looking everywhere but at the redhead.

“He couldn’t be arsed, clearly Katie shared the sentiment?” Naomi walks to her locker and shivers, trying to change as quickly as possible before she loses body heat.

Emily doesn’t respond, just zips her overall up and watches Naomi’s back flex. They don’t bother making excuses for the missing members of their group; decide with grins that they deserve punishment.

The probation worker leaves halfway throughout the day, running around and cheering that he’s about to become a father and the girls can’t help but feel happy for him, though they spend the entire day exploring the centre with some borrowed keys.

After finding nothing but stacks of toilet rolls and stationary, Emily finally unlocks the kitchen storage and they sit in wheelchairs eating whatever they fancy.

“Okay, what about your first kiss?” Naomi asks with a mouthful of crisps.

Emily just laughs into her coke and shakes her head. “I was twelve and Katie made me do it.” She grins as Naomi tips her head back and her cackle echoes throughout the centre.

“What about you?” Emily turns a little more serious but Naomi just shrugs.

“Drunk on alcopops at fifteen, you know how it goes,” The blonde covers her face with her hands when going over the memory, the adorable sight makes Emily’s heart flutter in all the right ways.

“Was that thunder?” The two of them abruptly stand up and teeter over to a window and it looks like the storm all over again, but with dangerous amounts of snow. It doesn’t let up by the time it hits five o’clock and Emily casually suggests staying at the community centre for the night, Naomi checks the window once more and shuts her eyes in defeat. “Yea, we’re snowed in.”


They make a mattress out of various soft materials and decide to unlock the bar, though Emily eyes the amount Naomi drinks wearily but to her surprise, Naomi passes the bottle of rum back before she gets too drunk. They dance about for quite some time but retreat to their storage room for the night when the community centre begins to get particularly scary.

“So did you manage to get through to Katie?” They’re lying on their stomachs, fiddling with their phones.

“Nope, no signal, you?”

Naomi shakes her head and tosses her phone across the floor, wrapping herself up as much as she can with her coat.

“So, out of nothing more than ensuring you stay healthy and comfortable, would you like some body heat?” Emily asks with a cheeky grin and as much as Naomi tries to fight a smile, it fails.

“If you must.” Naomi says with a sigh and rolls her eyes, lifting up her coat.

Emily shuffles over and wraps her arm around Naomi’s waist, pulling her in, predictably Naomi tenses up but then relaxes and melts into the redhead.

“You’re so warm,” It’s muffled against Emily’s shoulder and the redhead breathes Naomi in.

They stay like that for a while, the silence slowly becoming awkward, Naomi unwraps herself in a daze but stops when Emily tangles her fingers in blonde hair and stills her. When Naomi breathes in sharply, Emily takes it as a good sign and leans in slowly – pressing her lips against Naomi’s.

Emily slides her hand down to Naomi’s neck and warms her entire body with just a few soft fingertips down her spine. Though it stops abruptly when the blonde leans back and stares at her. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you that you don’t need to use your power to kiss me,” Emily whispers huskily, skimming her lips against Naomi’s as she speaks.

“Not that it worked the first time, you were far too drunk,” She smirks when Naomi’s eyes widen.

“Oh.” Naomi murmurs, biting her lip and looking away. Emily can’t hold back much longer and rolls on top of her, pushing the coat away.

Naomi doesn’t know whether to run or just kiss Emily. The redhead makes it easier on her when she pins Naomi’s hands up above her head and leans in once more.

The atmosphere quickens swiftly; a slip of the tongue, a guttural moan and it becomes a blur of hands and scratches. Running her hands up and down Naomi’s sides, Emily begins to slow down, pulling away and sitting back.

“Is something…wrong?” Naomi lifts herself up of the floor, flushed and self conscious. Emily shakes her head and smiles, lifting her hand up – there’s a low flame running across her palm. It creates a lovely glow across their faces and Naomi looks fascinated.

“I’d rather not burn you,” Emily whispers and balls her hand, extinguishing the flame.

“You already do.” It’s too quiet for Emily to hear.

They slowly move away from each other.

“Why do you choose to be alone so much?” Emily asks and it catches Naomi off guard, she never expected Emily to have dug so deep.

“It’s easier that way, I guess.” Naomi closes the conversation before it goes any further.

They fall asleep tangled up in one other, Naomi for heat and Emily to make sure the blonde doesn’t escape in the morning.


Naomi steps outside, Emily in tow for once and the city is eerily silent – nothing but snow in sight, not even a single footstep. They start making their way home but it gets scarier, the calm.

“Where is everyone?” Emily asks, it pierces the silence as they walk in the middle of a snowed over road.

Naomi doesn’t say a word, knocks on every door she passes but there’s no answer.

They’re all alone.


God, I'm glad I posted that. I will most likely continue this into part three and however more. Once I fix my laptop that is, ugh.
Thanks for reading, comments are much appreciated but I'm off to pass out for the night my lovelies.

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chutelibre: pic#97885991chutelibre on November 28th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)
A crossover between skins and misfits ? you're officially my new hero.
I really love all of this and I think that the powers you chose to give them fit the characters perfectly .I know you said that the story is not like you wanted it to be at first , but it's really great anyway.
Sorry it's not a very constructive review , I just wanted to let you know how much I loved it , you took my two favorites series and made a fabulous mix out of them.
I really can't wait to see what happen next , thanks for writing this.
oh and forgive me for my flawed english since i'm french and still learning ^^
duhm_mee: cook/naomi 2duhm_mee on November 28th, 2010 06:04 am (UTC)
Ugh, this was awesome. I just wish there was more! The five best from Skins + Nathan = pure win.

But I need Emily to keep her power under wraps because I will not stand for another Edward/Bella situation. (Pardon me for the Twilight comparison.)

Waiting for more! :)
Lazarus_Girllazarus_girl on November 28th, 2010 05:03 pm (UTC)
This was totally awesome! Skins + Nathan = total win! Thanks for working so hard to get it to us. I loved it. I hope you can write more once your laptop troubles are over!
xxangelsblood on November 28th, 2010 10:58 pm (UTC)
I. Want. More. Right. Now.

Leighcanon90 on November 30th, 2010 09:52 pm (UTC)
This was awesome.

It sounds like it was a nightmare to pull together, but I'm glad you managed! I really enjoyed this. Skins/Misfits could only ever be an amazing combination.

Looking forward to finding out where everyone is, I'm intrigued.

Congrats on posting!

flister: kne !<3?flister on December 6th, 2010 03:33 pm (UTC)

Dude, characters are excellent, their powers are excellent, the plot is excellent... I'm so impressed, it really is wicked.

This line could be canon: They fall asleep tangled up in one other, Naomi for heat and Emily to make sure the blonde doesn’t escape in the morning.


And I love how Katie and Emily have opposite powers that reflect their personalities (though you could argue that Katie is firey also) and that Effy's is just an extension of herself. Oh and Cook's made me laugh :)

I feel like this should have a million parts and never be over, but I do hope you at least make it to part three! Awesome stuff.

(Deleted comment)
Miranda the cunt.lioness_rawr on December 21st, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
Haha, thank you so much - I honestly was so unhappy with this that I wanted to delete it all but then the girlfriend went apeshit and said that if all those nights I ignored her over this story was for nothing then she'd like, kick me out. /life story. But thank you, that means a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed.
pollastre on December 21st, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
I do hope you consider continuing this story. HOWEVER, if it comes down to this one or Standing on the Shore, I'd throw this one under a bus.
Miranda the cunt.lioness_rawr on December 21st, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
Re: sequel?
Ahhh, well, now that my exams are over and after the the fiasco that is Christmas, I've promised myself to finally finish Standing On The Shore because my god I love that story so much. Then I'll do a sequel for this. Don't lose hope and thank you for reading!
pollastre on February 13th, 2011 10:12 pm (UTC)
Re: sequel?
I'm still clinging to hope here :)